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New York

  • Market Risk, Model Delivery, NYC Seeking an analytical developer to work within a brand new core Market Risk Group in QR, at top IB. Excellent C++ and/or Python required. Read more
  • Core Java Developer – NYC Strong Java developers to work within a global team on our new and on-going projects. Working on a highly distributed risk calculation system used to calculate risk for credit products.  Read more  
  • Equities Python App Developer, NYCStrong Python developer to work in New York as part of a Global team and build interfaces and functionality to support Data & Analytics initiative on strategic platforms.  Read more
  • Technical Business Analyst, London Top Tier 1 IB is looking for an experienced Business Analyst within Cash Equities with an understanding of position management and TDD framework.  Read more
  • Business Analyst (Technology) LondonLooking for an experienced Business Analyst within Equity Derivatives to join Structuring Team at top IB. Read more
  • Lead UI Engineer (VP/ED), LondonHigh profile core team of leading IB seeking a senior, deeply technical engineer. City based. C# WPF or c/c++ Win 32. Finance experience not required Read more
  • Java Performance Engineer, Remote, London
    Silicon Valley Big Data start-up looking for senior engineer to focus on performance advantages. Java, multi-threading, JVM internals, algorithms. 100% remote role, stock options.Read more
  • Quantitative Software Engineer, NYC Systematic proprietary trading hedge fund looking for expert programmers (Java/C++), working on complex systems and algorithms to implement prop models. Read more
  • Senior Java Developer Equities Trading, VP, Glasgow  Design & Development of critical components for managing real-time positions for Equities trading. Java, multithreading, messaging systems, JVM optimisation/memory management. Read more
  • Java Team Leader Equity Derivatives Group, Glasgow  Experienced Developer to work in Equity Derivatives team.  Java OO design, Spring, iBatis, Messaging technologies. Contributing to Test driven development/Continuous Integration Testing. Read more
  • Senior FX Engineer, NY Looking for an individual contributor to work on a strategic risk platform, at top IB. Requirements: Excellent CompSci background, Python and/or C++/Java. Read more
  • Chief Risk Architect (MD), London Seeking highly technical MD with strong knowledge of all aspects of risk (X Asset), inc. VAR, CVA etc as well as F.O. risk / quant. Read more

Research & Mapping

Market Intelligence and Research

Everything we do at Zenith is underpinned by a foundation of exceptional research and market knowledge. We have a number of proprietary techniques which allow our consultants to rapidly access key information. This normally relates to secretive, difficult to acquire information such as who is running areas of rival firms, names and numbers of direct reports, budgets, remuneration levels and a host of other information which allows us to quickly discern leading candidates. Fuelled by the research gathered, our consultants constantly refine the ever evolving picture of what is happening in the market, via their networks.

Competitor Mapping 

Zenith provides a structured, bespoke, mapping service to companies who wish to understand more about the way that rival firms run their organisations. Our market maps are built from scratch for each individual mandate and provide a very up to date picture of often fast changing markets. During the course of building such maps, our consultants and research team interview every individual identified on the documents, which allows us to probe deeper into certain areas and gather firsthand information about what is happening in specific pockets of target organisations. Our maps are very detailed and the unique format of their presentation allows clients to quickly assimilate a great deal of information. For more information on how we can assist your company by providing detailed maps and research on competitor organisations, please contact mapping@zenith-search.com